Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty in which procedures and techniques are used to change the human body to improve function and/or appearance. Reconstructive plastic surgery refers to procedures where the primary objective is to restore function and appearance after injury or disease. Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery is performed to enhance or improve an appearance that is the result of normal growth and development or aging.

The purpose of plastic surgery is to improve one's quality of life. This is best accomplished when there is a thorough understanding of aesthetics as well as training and experience in those surgical procedures which are safe and effective ways to produce the desired results and give the patient value for an extended period.

Beauty is difficult to define but we know it when we experience it. Beauty is about how things fit together, most ideally, into a whole. Its study is considered an appropriate branch of philosophy that is called Aesthetics.

Aesthetics is the study of beauty but is best defined as the ability to experience, at a feeling level, how things fit together. Wisdom is the ability to understand, at a knowing level, how things fit together. Aesthetics and wisdom are two sides of the same coin. This feeling and knowing awareness is important when changing a person's appearance. The new sciences, which focus on pattern making processes in nature, help us to understand that we recognize beauty out there because we are wired so to speak to recognize these patterns (how things fit together).