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Chin Augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to improve the profile view of a face that has a relatively weak chin.  This is done to improve the proportional relationship with a patient’s nose and overall face and/or to help tighten the upper neck skin. The tightening of the skin is analogous to lengthening the pole in a tent to tighten the canvas. This is one of the more under-appreciated operations because most people rarely see themselves on profile. However, you will almost never see a model or movie actor, male or female, with a weak chin. A chin profile, appropriate for a given face, adds much to the overall balance and therefore wholeness and aesthetic appearance of a face.

Chin Augmentations are performed under local anesthesia with varying amounts of sedation on an outpatient basis. The incision is made from inside the mouth and the sutures dissolve in about a week. The recovery requires little time although trauma to the area needs to be avoided for several weeks. Most patients can be back to work in a few days.