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Most women with large pendulous breasts develop some degree of upper back, neck and/or shoulder discomfort as the years go by. Also, they find their breasts out of proportion with the rest of their body and may come to a decision to reduce and raise their breasts. The nipple-areolar complexes are raised to a higher, more youthful position and significant excess breast tissue and skin is removed. Many patients comment post op that they wish they had decided to reduce their breasts years earlier and would have had they known how much more comfortable they would have been both physically and mentally. Breast reduction requires a general anesthetic and one night in the hospital. Post operative pain is usually minimal and short term and well controlled by oral pain meds. Drains are used and usually removed within 2-3 days after surgery. Most sutures are placed internally and dissolve over time with the few external sutures removed within a week or so.