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Mastopexy is performed to lift breasts that have dropped from their more youthful position either due to pregnancy and nursing or the normal aging process. Significant weight loss can also result in breast ptosis. A mastopexy involves moving the nipple-areolar complex to a higher, more youthful position and removing the excess skin that has relaxed. The skin is removed from below so that the breasts are better supported from below as they are literally pushed up into their more youthful position. Mastopexy surgery can be done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with deep sedation or general anesthesia.

There is little discomfort from a mastopexy, easily controlled with pain medication taken by mouth. Most sutures are dissolvable and the few non-dissolvable ones can be removed within a week or so. You can shower within a day of surgery and most patients will be back to normal (non strenuous) activity within several days to a week.

Some patients may benefit from augmentation as well as uplifting of the breasts, especially those who have lost volume after pregnancy or significant weight loss. In such cases, breast augmentation can usually be done at the same time as a mastopexy.